Mimi, Disney, 3-95 001b(Originally published May 29, 2009)

As a professional Mystic, I often find remarkable things in everyday events. And I usually notice the Big Messages that are intended for me. A recent one really stuck out, bold type, lights flashing, fireworks… I couldn’t miss it, and it came from my late husband.

My younger daughter is graduating from high school next week. (She was only three and a half when her daddy died and doesn’t remember very much about him.) Last night was her voice recital and after all the students and the teacher sang, the voice teacher had an announcement. She had brought a gift for each of her students.

She made a brief and passionate speech about how this gift was very meaningful to her, that it had changed her life, she’d read it twice already, and she wanted to share this wonderful information with her students.

The book she gave them is Dale Carnegie’s brilliant manifesto, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

It was only a few weeks ago that I mentioned the Dale Carnegie course to my daughters, and told them how important it had been to their daddy. He was a proud graduate of the course and posted his diploma in every office he ever worked in.

Well, honey, I lost it. I told my daughter through copious tears, “If your daddy were alive, he would be giving you this book for your graduation!”

Considering all that I know about the workings of the Universe, I know that he was the one who made sure his daughter received the book–and I felt it was far more powerful than if I had thought to give it to her. It was a gift to me too.