You know about my Mystic Mails, right?  I channel an answer to the client’s question from his/her angels and guides.  This recent one was a doozy, and I just had to share.  (Want your own Mystic Mail?  Click here.)

The client wrote:
“On one hand I’d love a more specific question answered but I’m energetically informed enough to know that sometimes a more general ‘ask’ is actually better to receive a more targeted answer.  Sound right?  If so, then I think I’d like just to know what it is that I need to know right now.  If you get any intuitions on specifics from the angels within that question, I’d love that as well.”

And her angels answered:
“Our dear, this is your time to shine.  This time in your life is very special to both you and us.  We find that the times ahead may be less grueling than in the past, but your main focus needs to be on your needs and your wants and your work.  The desires you have now will blossom when you focus on your needs and your wants.  This means that your greatness is near.  Shuffle off to Buffalo and have a party drink or two.  Then, focus more on that need and want.  This means to the exclusion of those around you.  Yes, we mean to be quite selfish for now.  There will be a time down the road when you will give of yourself more, but not in the way you have in the past.  You are through with that now, with being belittled and taken advantage of and taken for granted.  This is a whole new world!  Bright and shiny, just like you.  So steady your nerves and look out into the wider world.  What do you want to see in you life?  Here it comes, so make sure you are wishing well.  Shiny time is here, take it by the horns.  Love, your angels”
And I added:
Susan again:  Okay, this is fairly typically cryptic, but I think there are things here that will make sense to you.  What does “Buffalo” mean?  Overall, I think they’re saying you have kind of arrived, and I had the feeling that you need to start doing work (or expand) on work that is important to you, and I also felt like that would be in some sort of alternative business or practice.  But that’s just what I felt from it.  It does seem like this is a very positive time for you, and that you have good changes coming right away.

And then the client responded:
“Hi Susan,

“Wow.  Pretty amazingly right on:

  • main focus needs to be on my wants and my work, this means to the exclusion of those around you (same message from my shaman friend)
  • Buffalo:  The story of the White Buffalo Woman originates from the Lakota people, she taught them that all things are inter connected and that it is not necessary to struggle to have abundance. The one thing that is necessary, however, is to be connected with Spirit.  Our beliefs and attitude towards our connectedness to every-thing also sends out powerful messages to the universe.
  • through with being belittled and taken advantage of and taken for granted
  • oddly, or not so oddly, ‘shiny’ is the word my shaman friends has also been using to describe me lately
  • probable future alternative work:  Feng Shui and dowsing(!) (by way of Internet Marketing of all things)

“Thanks for the fantastic reading.”

Are you as blown-away as I was?