sick[originally published August 12, 2009]

If you missed Part 1, you’ll find it here.

I am back with more info for you on Health and Spirit! Last time, I talked about how we all attract illness and injury as Spirit’s last-resort effort to communicate with us. And I promised a couple of examples to illustrate how this works.

Ultimately, you will see illness or injury as a big, bright message that will guide you to be enlightened about yourself. So open your mind, and read the story about Marjorie.

My client’s mother, Marjorie, died of bladder cancer, a rare cancer whose only suspected cause is exposure to second-hand smoke. Marjorie was indeed exposed to second-hand smoke, and this is an example of the way that Spirit, working with Body, will use what is in your environment to give you a message (or several).

You may have heard that cancer is often related to old anger, bitterness, or holding a grudge. As a medical intuitive, I agree. And when I learned more about Marjorie’s experience, I discovered what her bitterness was about.

First, though, let me explain about the bladder. It resides in the area of your energy that pertains to creation, procreation/children, and primary romantic relationships. When Spirit’s message to you is about one of those things, especially creating what you came into this life to create, the illness or injury will manifest in that area.

What did this mean to Marjorie? Well, Marjorie’s only child (my client) was adopted, because Marjorie was unable to have children biologically. There’s one reason she was bitter. In addition, she was relegated to spending her life behind the counter in her husband’s store, unable to create anything that she chose to create, and never given—or finding—an opportunity to develop something of her own.

After a lifetime of not being able to create, or make—think of the symbolism of saying “make water” to mean “urinate”—she developed a symbol of her anger, the cancer, in the area of energy where her anger lay or was directed.

This was Spirit’s last-ditch effort to reach her, urging her to make changes in her life so that she could be happy.

Next time, I’ll talk about preventing such tragedies by remembering the Language of Spirit.