If you get sick or hurt, it’s all your fault. Yep, that’s right, you did it!

Sure, that sounds pretty mean and maybe your first reaction is, “No, it’s not my fault!” But if you accept responsibility for attracting or creating illness (and everything else in your life), then there is good news–you have the power to change it!

Let me explain. Everything starts with Spirit. There is a chunk of Spirit within you, that is commonly called your Soul, and it is a part of a massive Energy, that is commonly called God–although for my purposes, I will call it something else. The word “God” is so super-charged with fear and guilt and emotion and judgment that I prefer to use a word that will better connote the idea of creation and forward motion. For this post, I’ll use “Spirit” to indicate this massive creative force.

In addition to your Soul, you have what I call angels and guides, extra-physical energy entities that guide you on your planned journey through this life. (Yes, there’s a plan–and you planned it!) And you have messengers in the form of other incarnate Souls like yourself, along with events, experiences, feelings, and thoughts–all lined up to give you messages that will guide you to live your best life, the life you came here to live.

Simple enough? I hope so, but take a moment to let that sink in.

Spirit constantly communicates with you, starting with your emotions and thoughts (think, “Listen to your heart”), and working through many other things in your environment and awareness. Your body is a messenger, as well, but by the time Spirit starts to talk through your body, in the form of illness or injury, it has reached its last resort.

Now, we are all born with an understanding of the Language of Spirit. However, in a very short time, we forget it, simply because of the way that human beings have evolved culturally. For example, our parents had to be sure we could get along in the world, so they had to say “No” when we tried to touch the stove or run into the street or bite another child. And if you are a parent, like me, you do this too.

We only have as much understanding as we have had, and we have gotten away from the Language of Spirit, whose sole (or “soul”) purpose is to guide us to our best life and to assist in fulfilling our life purpose.

What this means is that if we could remember how to listen to our Spirit (remember “Listen to your heart”), we would not get sick or hurt. Likewise, if we become enlightened or gain the understanding that we need, even after becoming sick or hurt, we would be healed.

Next time, I will cite a couple of examples to help illustrate all of this. Until then, see if you can handle it! I look forward to bringing you more!