Ever seen the movie, “Gunfight at the OK Corral”?  Me either.

Ever watch the original “Star Trek”?  Well, okay, I admit, I like it.  That one and “Next Generation”.  I’m not exactly a Trekker, but I do enjoy a little cheap 60s (or 90s) sci-fi now and then.  And I have found some great messages in some of those old shows.

The movie, “Gunfight at the OK Corral” is a fictionalized account of an actual gunfight that took place in 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona.  You might have seen a different movie about the same story, such as “Tombstone”.

In the original Star Trek episode, “Spectre of the Gun”, the Captain and his away team attempt to make peaceful contact with an alien race and discover that they have been cast as the losers in a gun battle.  Drawing on their American history, or devices that provided such, our heroes quickly determine that their fate will be death at the hands of imaginary gunmen in the OK Corral.

Mr. Spock knows that he is completely capable of maintaining disbelief in the charade, as that is what the situation is, but the others, being fully-human, can’t help but believe what they are seeing and being told.  They believe the bullets are real, and therefore, they will die if shot with them.

Mr. Spock wields his clever mind-meld to correct the others’ beliefs, and–whew!–the bullets go through them without any damage.  And the team is safe!

Isn’t that a fun story?  Oh, it’s a nail-biter.  And here’s the point:  You live (or die) by what you believe too.

If you believe the bullets will kill you, they will.  If you believe that there’s no way you can ever make any more money than you make today, then you won’t ever make any more.  If you believe that you will always be overweight, if you believe you will never find true love, if you believe that … whatever you believe, you create.

And then, you believe what you have created.

Take a break from reality for a while.  And see if you can believe something a little less, well, believable.

Oh, where is Mr. Spock when we need him?