I’ve always said this–that it’s all the same thing.  It doesn’t matter what you call the most powerful creative force in the universe, it’s still that.  And it doesn’t matter how you get to enlightenment or understanding, as long as you get there.  Whether you learn from a teacher in school, from your own experience, from reading… it really doesn’t matter, as long as you learn, right?

Well, here’s one of those “same things” from different teachers.  I am finally getting around to reading Joe Vitale’s The Attractor Factor.  It’s about a simple spiritual formula to manifest whatever you like and enjoy.  I’m getting a lot out of it so far, but it didn’t take me long to notice–it’s very much like my 3-D process.

Now, granted, my little 3-D tool is not as popular or well-known as Joe’s.  (Yet.)  But it is just as powerful, and it might really work well for you.  So, besides the content of the book, here are the two of the things I’ve gotten out of reading this book so far:

1)  You need to read the 3-D article.  And here it is:  http://ezinearticles.com/?3-D—Three-Easy-Steps-to-Getting-What-You-Want&id=2546417  (I have a more in-depth version on audio–if you are interested, shoot me a message.)

2)  Maybe it’s time for me to expand this article into an all-out book!  Oh, don’t tempt me, Joe!

Happy manifesting!